Campaign to Remove Junk Food from Schools in India

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  Globalization has thrown open the Indian market to world’s commercial giants who with them brought merchandise that probably we never wanted: entertainment, couture and junk food, all of which touch the inner core of our culture. Are Schools required to sit back and be carried away by this flood stream or stand back and resist? Uday Foundation, have stood … Read More

Junk food’ moms have ‘junk food’ babies

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New research in the FASEB Journal involving rats suggests that pregnant and breastfeeding women who indulge in high levels of fat and sugar are likely to have children who indulge in the same types of food A new research report published online in The FASEB Journal suggests that pregnant mothers who eat high sugar and high fat diets have babies … Read More

Death by Food

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Killing byte by byte: what are we doing to keep junk food away from our children ? What if I told you that many parents in India are in cohorts with school authorities, to poison their children slowly, byte by byte? No doubt, you would be horrified and would want immediate action against these ‘abusive ‘parents and schools. What then,  … Read More

Say Goodbye to Junk Food in Schools

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Junk foods provide calories but not vital elements, hence a major cause for childhood obesity in India. The population of India consists of lower socioeconomic classes who stay in slums and middle and upper socioeconomic classes who stay in proper houses. Children in slums do not have proper food because of the cost and the middle and the upper class … Read More