World Malaria day – 10 facts on Malaria


. World Malaria day — 25 April is a day to commemorate global efforts to control malaria World Malaria Day represents a chance for all of us to make a difference. Whether you are a government, a company, a charity or an individual, you can roll back malaria and help generate broad gains in health and human development. Fact 1 … Read More

Junk food’ moms have ‘junk food’ babies

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New research in the FASEB Journal involving rats suggests that pregnant and breastfeeding women who indulge in high levels of fat and sugar are likely to have children who indulge in the same types of food A new research report published online in The FASEB Journal suggests that pregnant mothers who eat high sugar and high fat diets have babies … Read More

Punishment and Disciplinary Action


8.1 It must be clearly understood that the instances of offences and of Professional misconduct which are given above do not constitute and are not intended to constitute a complete list of the infamous acts which calls for disciplinary action, and that by issuing this notice the Medical Council of India and or State Medical Councils are in no way … Read More

Code of Medical Ethics Regulations in India | Misconduct


Misconduct The following acts of commission or omission on the part of a physician shall constitute professional misconduct rendering him/her liable for disciplinary action 7.1 Violation of the Regulations: If he/she commits any violation of these Regulations. 7.2 If he/she does not maintain the medical records of his/her indoor patients for a period of three years as per regulation 1.3 … Read More

Code of Medical Ethics Regulations in India | Unethical Acts


Unethical Acts A physician shall not aid or abet or commit any of the following acts which shall be construed as unethical – 6.1 Advertising: 6.1.1 Soliciting of patients directly or indirectly, by a physician, by a group of physicians or by institutions or organisations is unethical. A physician shall not make use of him / her (or his / … Read More

Duties of Doctors to their Patients in India


Duties of Physicians to their Patients 2.1 Obligations to the Sick 2.1.1 Though a physician is not bound to treat each and every person asking his services, he should not only be ever ready to respond to the calls of the sick and the injured, but should be mindful of the high character of his mission and the responsibility he … Read More

Duties and Responsibilities of A Doctor


Duties And Responsibilities Of The Physician In General 1.1 Character of Physician (Doctors with qualification of MBBS or MBBS with post graduate degree/ diploma or with equivalent qualification in any medical discipline): 1.1.1 A physician shall uphold the dignity and honour of his profession. 1.1.2 The prime object of the medical profession is to render service to humanity; reward or … Read More

Breastfeeding in India


Percentage of Initiation of Breastfeeding within 1 hour (RANKING OF STATES OF INDIA ) Rank State % 1st Mizoram 66.4 2nd Goa 59.4 3rd Tamil Nadu 58.8 4th Arunachal Pradesh 58.6 5th Meghalaya 57.8 5th Manipur 57.8 6th Kerala 56.5 7th Orissa 54.8 8th Nagaland 54.2 9th Maharashtra 52 10th Assam 50.9 11th Himachal Pradesh 45.4 12th Sikkim 42.9 13th … Read More

Human Organs Transplant Act – India


Human Organs Act Review Committee was constituted on September 6, 2004 based on judgment passed by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Man Mohan Sarin of High Court of Delhi in WP(C) 813/2004 with direction to review the efficacy, relevance and impact of the legal provisions contained in the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994  and the Transplantation of Human Organs Rules, 1994. … Read More



Intersex People or Disorders of Sex Development (we call it Discriminated and Socially Distanced) are individuals born with anatomy or physiology which differs from contemporary ideals of what constitutes “normal” male and female. Intersex People  are not a third sex, they are just people with a medical problem that needs to be fixed with love, family support and proper counseling Uday Foundation … Read More