Campaign to Remove Junk Food from Schools in India

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Globalization has thrown open the Indian market to world’s commercial giants who with them brought merchandise that probably we never wanted: entertainment, couture and junk food, all of which touch the inner core of our culture. Are Schools required to sit back and be carried away by this flood stream or stand back and resist?

Uday Foundation, have stood up, cried foul, resisted the action and filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi to removed all junk food from School canteens, replaced it with healthy food.

Our NGO continue to educated parents to provide a healthy menu each day of the week to their children and with partnerships with various Schools, Healthy Activists, NGOs, Health Practitioners, Doctors, Social Workers, Parents, Students and Teachers.  We also have a continues discussion with them to develop ways to make people aware, how they can make their life, a better life, solely by deciding that they have a right to a better, healthier and longer life.

Today school students feels that no one else, cares about them, other than their parents and with their School to back them, they can go miles. Food processing companies will be compelled and will double their efforts to give the people the food they want.

We shall continue to sensitize the public about ill effects of unhealthy food with our upcoming awareness programs, events and workshops and always lead the campaign discouraging junk food consumption and promoting healthy eating habit and life style.