YES to playgrounds and NO to playstations, i-pads, mobile phones




Everyone , from young to old should go outdoor instead of sitting at home with the latest technology in your hands because the vitamin D levels rise. Sunlight hitting the skin begins a process that leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D. This vitamin helps us fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks. We’ll get more exercise if we make getting outside a goal, that should mean less time in front of the television and computer and more time walking and doing other things that put the body in motion.

Outdoor and physical activities will make us happier. Light tends to elevate people’s mood, and there’s usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up, so being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it also brings more smiles.

Our concentration will also improve. Children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors. It applies to adults too , so if you have trouble concentrating, outdoor activity will help. Going to the playgrounds or outdoors activities help us heal faster.

But unfortunately now a days with the mobile phones , i-pads and the new technology coming in ; being sent to our bedroom used to be a punishment but now it’s a teen dream. Through personal computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles, teenagers are becoming antisocial. Such limitless communication is having a revolutionary impact on the way young people interact, socialise, work and play.

By providing residential play equipment, the battle of Playstation and playground is a fairer one. The opportunity for outdoor play is rarely turned down when children have the freedom to choose, especially if it involves playing with other children too.
It is the responsibility of the parents to provide adequate play for children. Childhood obesity is a serious issue, and with technology in schools advancing, replacing one screen with another is potentially damaging in more ways than one. Repetitive strain injury from using consoles, eye strain and migraine from visual display units and the general inactivity associated with technological ‘toys’ are damaging our children, and it is up to the guardians and carers of these kids to provide a positive solution.

We can,now, safely say that playgrounds is a clear winner and we should say no to playstations, i-pads, mobile phones or we should spend less time on them.



Summer Intern 2014 with Uday Foundation