Jaideep Sahni as Storyteller to the Kids in Hospital

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A child’s needs in the hospital are similar to those at home. He or she needs to feel secure, comforted, and accepted and to be able to engage in age-appropriate activities. Storytelling is not just a nice extra in life, but a necessity, especially for little children in hospital to take their minds away from the hospital environment. Uday Foundation … Read More

Meet Your Heros

adminMeet Your Heros

Hospitals can be a frightening place, even for adults. For children, anxiety of unknown environments can greatly intensify fear. When children think of hospitals, they can be overwhelmed by thoughts of needles, unfamiliar noises and smells, strangers, and feeling “sick” in a place that just isn’t home. Uday Foundation is reducing these perceived fears through the Meet Your Hero Program. … Read More