Christmas Celebration with Kids having Heart Defects

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“The laughter and cries of those little angels keep going through my mind. I will carry those reminiscences with me wherever I go” – A Volunteer Uday Foundation once again celebrated Christmas with the Kids having Congenital Heart Defects in Pediatric Heart Surgery ward of Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. Volunteers of the Uday Foundation played with the children, gave … Read More

HGS Dhaliwal, IPS – Storyteller to the Kids in Hospital

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Uday Foundation’s unique storytelling session with the presence of the DCP, South Delhi Police, HGS Dhaliwal in a new avatar of storyteller at the pediatric ward of Escorts Hospital in the National Capital was a plunge in two-fold directions. One the objectives was to provide some relief to the kids during their hospitalisation who otherwise most of the times experience … Read More

Meet Your Heros

adminMeet Your Heros

Hospitals can be a frightening place, even for adults. For children, anxiety of unknown environments can greatly intensify fear. When children think of hospitals, they can be overwhelmed by thoughts of needles, unfamiliar noises and smells, strangers, and feeling “sick” in a place that just isn’t home. Uday Foundation is reducing these perceived fears through the Meet Your Hero Program. … Read More