Importance of Education for a brighter future of India


Importance of Education for a brighter future of India


Education breeds confidence, Confidence breeds hope, hope breeds peace. These are the words of great philosopher Conficus.

We all in an era where knowledge is honoured the most. We are living in a country which has the third highest category of doctors, engineers and profess, yet we fall way behind. What is the reason? Sure the number looks high on charts but the population is way more than expected. Why has the population gone up? Because the people are unaware. Why are the people unaware? Because they are not educated.

You see there, education is the solution to most of the problems. Education helps a child to turn into a man, education nurtures the best, helps the weak and provides peace. India is a country with incapable amount of talent and people capable of making a change. Yet they are lost like the dust present in the clouds. God only helps those who helps themselves. Help yourself, get educated


Archit Mathur
Shaheed Bhagat Singh(M)

Summer Intern 2014 with Uday Foundation