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Our ancestors always said that the greatest thing you can gift someone is to educate them. By educating one child we can enlighten the future generation. And thus this cycle can continue.  Amidst this fast city life and busy schedules it is not possible to teach children at individual level. Thus simplest way of doing so is to donate books

The current trend is to sell the books to some kabadiwala after the child gets promoted. These books are then sold again as second hand books and thus these books are again beyond reach of the poor, so why not donate these books directly to those who cannot afford it.
It is much better to give a book rather than giving a few pennies to a child . Thus a small effort by all of us can help educate many innocents, changing their life for better and gifting them a bright future.

Arpita Khandelwal

Jesus and mary college

Summer Intern 2014 with Uday Foundation