Weekend Storytelling Program with Kids at Hospitals

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Storytelling to Kids in Escorts Heart Institute by Students of Amity University.

Every Saturday our volunteers and friends visit various hospitals in Delhi for storytelling to the kids admitted there. You can also join them to bring smile to these little angels, with your small story you will help to ease few minutes of painful time of a child.

When you tell stories, you share something new about yourself that your kids may find interesting or exciting and that might be a springboard for questions and discussions. When did you lose your first tooth? Who was a favorite teacher? Thinking about Mummy or Daddy as a little kid may spark the imagination. Maybe you want to share the story, passed down to you, about the ghost that lived in your great-grandmother’s attic. And there’s nothing more delightful than a story about the time a parent did something mischievous and the consequences. Kids delight in these glimpses of a past that is connected to them.

You can also bring a packet of crayon along with few color books and can make beautiful drawing with the kids.


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