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Uday Foundation is one of India’s largest volunteers based non-governmental organization, with programs based on children healthcare, health rights advocacy and carrying out activities for children in hospitals such as storytelling programs, stories on wheels, festival celebrations in the hospitals and many more day today activities.


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Shelters for Kashmir Flood Victims
Blankets Donation Drive
Uttarakhand Disaster Relief
Spreading Smiles

Uday Foundation was founded in the year 2007 by the devastated parents of little Uday, who was born with multiple congenital defects and underwent multiple surgeries. Learn More

Today Uday Foundation is among few trusted grass root NGOs of India, with hundreds of national and international media reports, working to improve the lives of children and mission to ensure health with dignity to every underprivileged children and adult.

We are also running a small health center for underprivileged children and women where we provide basic health care facility with free medicines.

We believe, that providing basic health care is not enough, under-privileged patients also deserves dignity, at Uday Foundation we ensure the same by providing help to them with basic needs and free food and dry ration.

We also work during any natural calamity and disaster and we were among the few first non-govermental organization to start relief work at Uttarakhand floods. Every year from the month of October till November we run our share and care campaign, providing winter clothings, woolens and blankets to underprivileged patients in Government hospitals, people living in open on streets and night shelters in Delhi NCR and major part of Northern India.

We do not take any Government grants for any of our projects. All our work is supported by our generous individual donors. All the Donations to Uday Foundation is exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax.