Social Ventures

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Social Venture Program of the Uday Foundation invests in social change in children health by helping increase the impact and build the sustainability of those in the social sector.

Our investments are focused on high potential areas that are fostering solutions to some of the most pressing challenges related to children health care our community is facing.

Established in 2007, the Uday Foundation was created by Tulika and Rahul Verma and has the ongoing support of some of India’s well-known non-profit and philanthropic organisations.

Our efforts are focused on three areas – supporting to children with various health related issues, providing counseling to the patients and family members and collaborating with partners on sector development and innovation.

Our partners, are successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professionals skilled at growing organizations with a heart for making a better world. We are the social entrepreneurs working alongside social entrepreneurs to solve social problems.

Social Venture Partner members gain satisfaction from giving of their talents to our cause, as well as their money, forming personal relationships with the children served by the Uday Foundation.


Rahul and Tulika Verma, Co-founders, Uday Foundation, Both of them have a tough time every morning. They see their four-year old son crying in pain but there is little they can do. Tulika and Rahul wanted a second child to give company to their daughter. But little did they know that life had something else in store. Arjunuday was born with anorectal malformation (his anus and rectum did not develop properly). His stomach has to be manually cleaned, a procedure that is quite painful for him as well his parents.

“After I complete the procedure, it takes some time for me to become normal. I feel miserable but there’s no other option,” says Tulika. Arjunuday’s tiny body has already undergone 12 surgeries. “We never thought that this could happen to us. The only birth defect we had heard of was a hole in the heart. Arjunuday has so many problems.”

Today, Arjunuday is like any other boy of his age and he goes to Mothers International School. But for him to reach this level underscores all the sacrifices made by his parents. His father left his job and also sold off some of his property.

“That is the loss of being born in a developing nation. We met so many parents who were helpless and had no idea what to do. Their life was in shambles. Lack of awareness and financial problems wreaked havoc on many families. My perspective toward life has changed totally after I witnessed all this myself,”he says. “I drove a Honda city and now I drive a small car but I am happy. There comes a time when your priorities change-I realised it the hard way.” Together they started Uday Foundation for Congenital Defects and Rare Blood Groups to provide support to families with children inflicted with cogential defects and rare blood groups.

For them, happiness lies in seeing their children living comfortably. That they manage to offer some comfort to others through their foundation is a boon for the rest of us.