Samrat Pahari is Running in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to Fight with Cancer


SAMRAT PAHARI, Student of F.D.D.I, Noida

Why I am Running for Uday Foundation in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012?

I will be running for those little smiles who dont even know the meaning of “death” , i will be running for those little hopes which stares at their parents eyes and ask them “when will i again go home? ” , i will be running for those stars who wanted to shine everyday just as we do, it will be amazing when i will be running 6 k.m. on road for just 1 step ahead towards saving lives of all those brave stars.

A Little bit about Samrat Pahari

Born in a family of Bengali always liked to taste different sweets, indeed my friends call

me “roshogolla” sometimes.


My journey started from a small town on the outskirts of kolkata, which is also known as the birthplace of BATA INDIA, LTD. i.e BATANAGAR. Till the age of four surrounded by RUPASHI BANGLA’S NATURAL BEAUTY I learnt to take my first step with a little hindrance at the beginning but by god’s grace I had my grandfather to be their with my each step & hold me whenever I used to toddle, after sometime as the days just drove as the holy water of the river Ganges which flows right through the heart of my hometown. My first school were I learnt almost all the alphabets, I also learnt to call my “maa” as “mother” & “baba” as “father”. As sometimes fate calls for I reached ambala at the age of 4 due to my fathers profession and tasted ALOO DA PARANTHA, LASSI, MAKKE DI ROTI & SARSO DA SAAG and believe me it was a little bit attracted to tongue than “ILISH MACH ER JHOL” (A Bengali fish preparation), and besides this I had some real wonderlands to visit there like “BER BAGAAN” where my ber uncle used to give me a handful of BER’S whenever I used to cuddle there. Again as my father’s career called him to Delhi, that was the first time when I touched the soil of the capital & became a “DIL WALA” as I was in “DIL WALON KI DILLI”.


Delhi was really a fascinating and amazing place something close to my heart as I spent my childhood & then adolescence, my teenage, my school days and now my college days in N.C.R. on all over these 16 years I have seen “dilli” turning into “Delhi”. When the journey of my life entered into and started off in Delhi we had certain places where we felt and enjoyed the days of childhood that was “APPU GHAR”. As my school days kept on flowing I realized something I was missing behind and when I turned back, “HELLO!! You forgot me my friend” says the little “BUNTY”, but I was helpless and said “ GOOD BYE MY FRIEND I HAVE MANY PLACES TO VISIT, MANY MILES TO RUN, MANY TARGETS TO ACHIEVE, MANY PATHS TO DISCOVER”. In this due course I found many friends come & go, some said “HUMARI DOSTI KABHI NAHI TUTEGI YAAR” but it was humorous when that same person said “ I DONT WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN”. It was this time when I realized my passion of playing tennis, I was 13. But as the family demands and prevailing Indian stigma says “MY BOY WILL BECOME AN ENGINEER”.


I had to leave my passion to turn into my profession and jumped into the crater of eggs and started mugging up “PRADEEP”, with the same old tradition as I passed out my higher secondary examinations my mother distributed sweets to all our neighbours but i was in a knot as to decide was these sweets for passing my 12th examinations or for maintaining the stigma, it was the time when “AMIR KHAN” also realized the adjacent thing and released the movie “3 IDIOTS” but still now I am searching for rest of my two buddies with whom I was expecting to meet when I entered into the campus of my temple “F.D.D.I” On the present situation I am a sincere student of F.D.D.I, Noida as well as i am caring out my passion for tennis, trying my hands in my family business & also learning an unknown culture and language , some say I am mysterious , some say I am a liar but I tell them that I am a human, an Indian, so being a human mistakes are obvious and being an Indian the practice for the same is must. I have seen and heard people saying, “ I have seen hard times and learnt from them” but I say, “ I have seen good times rarely”.


I don’t believe in numerology or astrology neither palmistry but I believe in myself. I believe that what ever I will do in my life I will do it in the best way because until we master in any field we just rehearse or repeat the best happened till then. I am the 3rd generation from my family to join footwear industry and in general it has now became a trend but I chose it by my choice n will. I am a kind of a person who likes to have a adventurous and well paid job in a metro city but at the same time wants to rejoice and live my life at my hometown, dive into the mother natures care and beauty. I want to live every moment at my birth place, swimming in a natural water pond with the majestic flora and fauna, meditating and attaining “MOKSHA”, fishing and the smell of the soil is just majestic, the aroma of the food cooking in an earthen vessel makes the taste touch heart, I don’t know how many can experience it in their life but it is worth experiencing 7 births.


It is the land where the RAGA is in the veins, it is the land where football is in the shrimp, it is the land where the “BAAUL” hums with “EK TARA” ,it is the land where RABINDRANATH found his melodies, poems and stories, it is the land where VIVEKANANDA was introduced to spiritualism, it is my BANGLA and I am Samrat Pahari.

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