Run for Children suffering from Cancer in Delhi Half Marathon 2012


Why join the Uday Running Team in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012?


Immediately after the birth, little Uday, inspiration behind Uday Foundation underwent 9 correction surgeries, 11 hospital stays and inspired his parent Tulika and Rahul Verma to start a small non profit to support Children having various birth defects and other illness. Today Uday Foundation is one of most respected parents support group working with hundreds of Children in various issues. Learn more.

Last year in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Uday Foundation generated money to start a unique project “Stories on Wheels for Kids in the Hospital” which is now running Successfully in the hospital. This year again we are participating in the ADHF with a cause of Childhood Cancer. Approximately 15,000 new cases of childhood cancer are detected every year in India. When diagnosed early enough and treated with the appropriate protocols, approximately 70% of childhood cancers are curable but unfortunately only 20% of children detected with cancer in India benefit from advanced medical care.

Cancer — pain, falling hair, weakness, lumps in the body, irritation, weakness, burning sensations and much more. Imagine a child going through all of this. At an age when their worries are limited to playground and chocolates, there are some kids who also have to worry about staying alive.



Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012 is the biggest platform not only to create awareness about early diagnose of Childhood Cancer but also to bring little happiness in the life of our brave fighters.

Now it is all of us v/s Cancer, run for Uday Foundation. Remember we can’t beat cancer without you.

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