Run against Junk Food in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

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There is a growing trend of unhealthy eating habits among school students today. With the spurt of multi national food corporations in our country, junk food comes in deceptively attractive packaging giving the impression that it is ‘safe’ and even healthy.

Through massive billion dollar advertising campaigns, junk food corporations have laid claim to children’s imagination and have insinuated themselves into virtually every corner of children’s lives. Today children eat food designed for the health of corporate balance sheets rather than the health of their bodies.

In 2010, Uday Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court against consumption of Junk Food in Schools and till date we continue to sensitize policy makers, civil society and public about the ill effects of junk food and always lead the campaign discouraging junk food consumption and promoting healthy eating habit and life style.

In continues battle against junk food, Uday foundation team participated Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to spread awareness against consumption of Junk Food.

Over 30,000 people gathered early morning at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to participate in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, with a purpose to run the 6km Great Delhi Run, which always has the most number of participants.

The youngest member of Uday Foundation group was a 12-year-old boy from Delhi Police Public School and the eldest was a 60-year-old man. All members were holding banners and placards having slogans and messages about fighting Junk Food.

We shall continue to sensitize the public about ill effects of unhealthy food with our upcoming awareness campaigns, events and workshops.