Uday Foundation | Most Popular NGO in India


Uday Foundation is among most popular NGOs in India working for children and health issues


Sometimes the things never comes in the way that they are expected as some babies born with birth defects are biggest shock for a mother’s life. Though it is very disappointing and it seems that everything is shattered but there is always a new beginning. A child gets the strength from his/her mother and it is very important for a mother to brought her baby like a normal healthy baby.


Uday Foundation was founded in 2007 and named after Little Uday who was born with multiple birth defects. In short span of time Uday Foundation has become most popular with Children in the hospitals, due to our unique storytelling program for kids in the hospitals.


Another most popular program of our ngo is Stories on Wheels for Kids in the Hospitals, where a dedicated Mobile van visits hospitals with story books, toys and little happiness.


There are various other popular initiatives related to health rights including continues fight against junk food in Schools.


Uday Foundation has also become a popular ngo with news and print media with hundreds of stories of good work by the ngo.