Little Happiness in Life of Little Khushi

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Khushi suffering from major congenital defect and lungs damage is among the patient rescued from the toilet outside AIIMS

Khushi Singh was forced to live inside an unused toilet just outside the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. Suffering from a severe lung disease, she has frequent fainting spells and is often fighting to just to breathe.

Your Uday Foundation came forward to rescue Khushi along with other patients including Hem Kumari who has blood cancer and Ramrati suffering from major heart defects.

With the help of dedicated Volunteers, your Uday Foundation managed to arranged proper accommodation for Khushi and her family along with financial assistance.

Khushi, was born without an anus. She was then operated in Allahabad for the same. Later, when breathing problems started, she was erroneously given BP treatment in Allahabad. Due to continued problem, she was brought to AIIMS, Delhi for a check up, since then doctors in AIIMS have been treating her for lung damage. It has been 6 months, since Khushi has been living outside AIIMS with her mother and her father. Three days ago, they were given accommodation in AIIMS Dharmshala for 14 days, after which they need to vacate.

While Khushi herself has been undergoing medication for the last 6 months, her father too has been under treatment for almost two years now. Her father is suffering from Brain Tumour. Until, Khushi’s lung problem was discovered, she used to stay in Allahabad with her relatives and went to school there, while her parents lived outside AIIMS.

Khushi is a very lively and talkative child. She is a friendly little girl and mingles easily with others. She knows much more details about her health condition than one would expect a girl as young as her to know. Though Khushi is 9 years old, she looks much younger because of her height and fragility. Khushi was in Prep standard in Saint Little Flower School, before she moved to Delhi for her treatment. Mathematics was her favourite subject in school. Her favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry and loves Tom more than she loves Jerry. Also, Salman Khan is her favourite actor and like most children, she loves chocolates and toffees. Khushi loves to dance, and might soon go for some dance classes, organized by a woman by the name of Bandana for little cancer patients in Kotla. Khushi is a cheerful kid with a beautiful smile. She’s friendly and she’s ticklish (if that’s relevant). She has a sweet voice but at the same time she is extremely strong willed. Khushi is smart and pleasant to talk to.

Khushi is the youngest of the four siblings (two sister and a brother, besides her). All her siblings are in Allahabad, WHile her sisters had to stop their education due to financial constraints while preparing for civil services and graduation in arts, respectively, her brother continues to study in XII standard. Khushi’s mother was also a teacher in a private school in her village Jaunpur (U.P.) before she had to moves to Delhi with her husband for his treatment. She herself is a very strong and confident woman. A strong pillar for her family.

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