A declaration of Independence from Childhood Cancer on India Independence Day 2012


Pankh Khulne ki Deri Hai
Yeh Nanhe Parinde Udh ke Choomenge Aasman ..


We continue to celebrate life, survival and hope; knowing that we remain undeterred as our volunteers work tirelessly for our kids in the hospitals.


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A declaration of independence from Childhood Cancer

Citizens Declaration

We hold these truths to be self-evident:


  • India records up to 45,000 new cases every year.
  • Only 5% children with cancer are diagnosed early enough.
  • That is, at a stage when 80% cancer can be cured.
  • What stop the rest are myths like cancer is not curable and a basic lack of awareness about the early symptoms of cancer in children.


Therefore I declare and pledge:


  • To join the campaign to end childhood cancer in India.
  • To create awareness about early diagnosis of childhood cancer.
  • To help a child suffering from cancer in best way possible and in my reach.
  • To ask my friends and family to follow my example, join the campaign, and help educate all Indians about our cause.


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