Your old newspapers will support us to feed family members & caregivers of underprivileged patients in the hospital.

Caring for someone you love can be challenging at times. As a caregiver for an ailing loved one, all you need is a little support, not just financial but moral and psychological support. While every morning we satiate our hunger for information, we hardly think about those who struggle day in and day out making rounds in the hospital, doing their every bit to save the lives of their loved ones battling with their lives.

We at Uday Foundation stand up for them because we care for the caregivers. With little effort you too can make a huge difference in their lives.

Well, our source of information every morning can become somebody’s source of living. Think about it. It is just the newspapers piling up in one corner of your house that has the potential of satiating a hungry stomach and saving lives of millions of people around us. We just need to ACT NOW. We will make it simple for you and tell you how to do it!!

Next time you plan to sell off old newspapers, make an effort and stop by at our office to donate them. We at Uday Foundation will sell them to paper manufacturers and the money gained in return will go to the Food Donation Drive organized for caregivers of patients battling for their lives in various hospitals. This food drive is organized twice a week and caters to approximately 1000 people in a day. On an average,a plate of food costs Rs. 15 which can be earned by selling 1.5 kg of newspapers only. Isn’t it wonderful how much of a difference we all can make in somebody’s lives by a simple act of generosity.

Food donation vehicle carries a ray of hope for the patients and their families during their toughest times. The brain behind this noble cause Rahul Verma says “I know what people go through when your loved one is admitted in a hospital. The least we can do is providing food to the caregivers that can give them strength to sail through difficult times.”

So come, lend a helping hand for our fellow human beings. Not everybody gets an opportunity to GIVE. You have the privilege to do so.

If you still have doubts, remember these words by the father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi –

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”Mahatma Gandhi

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