Medical Assistance, Counseling and Support to Children in Need


Uday Foundation provides medical help, counseling and support to the children in need

Surgery Patients

: Apart from Congenital Heart Defects, We get children operated in various Govt. Hospitals including LNJP, RML, AIIMS, Wadia, PGI. We have full support of over 100 pediatric surgeons in India who support our efforts. Medical expenses are low in these hospital with good quality treatment.

Medical Assistance

: We are supporting various children in terms of reimbursing there medicine bills, Some of these children are on growth hormones injections, some are on daily insulin and other medications. We also help in fund raising activities for various children in need of heart surgery.

Monetary Help

: Apart from reimbursing medical bills, we also provide monetary help to children with congenital defects for there daily nutrition and other expenses.


: In terms of counseling, the Uday Foundation, along with Volunteers and Doctors provides 24/7 support to the patients and there family.