Centre for Children in Internet and Technology Distress


Centre for Children in Internet and Technology Distress

Uday Foundation, non profit has started Good Health Clinic and  Centre for Children in Internet and Technology Distress in Sarvodaya Enclave, South Delhi to address the increasing problem of Internet addiction among children


Uday Foundation, a non-profit organisation has started “Centre for Children in Internet and Technology Distress” and “Good Health Clinic” in Sarvodaya Enclave, South Delhi. It aims at addressing the increasing problem of internet-overuse among the children. The centre seeks to work with children and their parents, schools, civic groups to provide primary prevention for young students through offering mental-health education, instituting Internet addiction early-warning system and providing counselling. There is a dedicated team of qualified doctors and councillors which works with the following objectives:

  • To help young internet addicts regain their self-control on computer use.
  • To promote the educational messages of healthy computer use.
  • To encourage children to play old traditional indoor and outdoor games.
  • To encourage parents to spend quality time with their children in the evening and holidays.
  • To lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child.


Main Service Target:  Age between 8 – 19 years and their parents.


Our goal: To inspire, empower and teach children how to create a balance in their life.



  • With the help of counselling
  • Creation of self-help group (once a child starts using internet and technology in a better way, they help other children with their own experiences)
  • Through cultural events, interactive education, device-free retreats and camps, school workshops + seminars, community building, and outdoor adventure.

A small group of children and their parent will spend a weekend with us.The entire day will have a group activities like yoga, meditation, breakfast, indoor games, storytelling, lunch; rest followed with our door traditional games.


Some basic steps for children to reduce or limit usage of internet/smartphone:

  • Avoid opening any social media site or gaming site while downloading homework, or doing any online assignment.
  • Make a direct phone call instead of text messages.
  • A child should share password of all social media account with the mother.
  • No status update or posting of any sort after 5 pm (it will reduce anxiety of checking how many-likes, or reading comments late at night)
  • Fix time for internet and smart phone usage.
  • A mobile should solve the purpose to stay in touch with a child if going to tuition or with friends, so it is recommendable to give a child a basic mobile phone, smart phone may be given to children attending college.
  • Phone should be switched off by 7 pm.
  • Encourage children to use land line phone.
  • Remember phone is not a status symbol, avoid giving expensive phones to children
  • Usage of smartphone, i-pad and computer in drawing room and open area only, not in the bedroom.

More details with Centre’s dedicated website coming soon, for any query, please write to help@udayfoundationindia.org