Ban Junk Food and Carbonated Drinks in Schools

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According to the World Health Organization, India along with the other BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, and China) currently lose more than 20 million productive life-years annually to chronic diseases, and that number is expected To grow to 65% by 2030.  As many as 30 million Indians are estimated to be overweight and obesity among children has risen from 9.8 percent to 12 percent in just three years, according to surveys conducted by the government and other aid agencies.

In India, large number of schools have tied up with fast food chains in order to sell junk food and colas in their swanky canteens. At least one-third of today’s children consume junk food more than thrice a week. In the most ironical fashion, while children today are bombarded with advices on the adverse effect of junk food, it comes as a surprise that school canteens are flooded with such items. Students are exposed to unrestricted unhygienic and fatty food available openly in school canteens.

Considering, it is the high time to put an end to the sale of junk food and colas in School canteens, the Uday Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation in Delhi High Court for ban on junk food in Schools and Comprehensive School Canteen Policy. More Details


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