Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012


Run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012 with Uday Foundation

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is one of the best races in India. If you Run for Uday this year, yours won’t be the only life that changes.

Last year in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, Uday Foundation generated money to start a unique project “Stories on Wheels for Kids in the Hospital” which is now running successfully in the hospital. This year again we are participating in the ADHF with a cause of Childhood Cancer.

When you run as a part of a group or company team, you naturally bond together and create camaraderie increasing morale in the workplace. It is a great way to promote health and fitness in your organization, and contribute to an excellent cause at the same time.


Race details:

When: 30th September, 2012

Location: New Delhi

Race Categories:  Great Delhi Run = 6 km, Half Marathon = 21.097 km, Sr. Citizens Run = 4 km, Wheel Chair Event = 2.5 km

Route Map: Please click here


Why join the Uday Running Team in 2012?

  •  Because it is a great way to show that you care;
  •   Because running for a cause and raising pledges can be great fun, and can be much easier than you think – ask any of the people who did so last year;
  •  The visibility during the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will make sure that people across the Country know what values your organization stands for.


How does the event help raise money for charity?

The objective of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is to help raise money for charity. There are 4 options available to avail this platform as a fund raising tool,  Raising pledges is when you ask friends, family and colleagues to support your run by donating money to the good cause you have chosen. People supporting you have the option to pledge as much or as little as they want to. Following are the modes of raising pledges :-

Corporate Challenge

A group of companies that contribute a minimum of Rs. 2.25 lacs and send a group of upto 25 employees and Rs. 3.25 lacs  for a team of 40 people to participate in the event. Each employee is motivated to raise any amount in pledges plus individual applicable fees payable for participation in the Event, in order to join. Learn More


Dream Maker

An individual who is self motivated, has a good social network and above all believes that difference can be made at an individual level.  You could be a Senior Management personnel across industries and functional areas, from the NGO sector, Celebrity or our next door Neighbor – all galvanized and united by a common dream, to make a difference, to make and leave better world for generations to come, to do their bit. You need to raise a minimum of Rs. 1.5 lacs in pledges.


Dream Challenger

Dream Challenger is an individual challenging his/ her own commitment for charity. Under this category she/he commits to raise a minimum of Rs.3.5 lakhs through pledges for the charity/ cause of his/ her choice through the ADHM 2012


 I Pledge

I Pledge will comprise of everyone else who runs for a cause and raises pledges of any amount.

Join the Uday team today

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