1.2 lakh Indians died of Tobacco-related cancers in 2010


Tobacco-related cancers accounted for 42 per cent of all male deaths and 18.3 per cent of all female deaths in India. Deaths due to oral cancer (due to tobacco chewing) were twice in numbers as compared with lung cancer. Nearly 1,20,000 [84,000 in men and 36,000 in women] deaths from tobacco-related cancers.

Stories on Wheels for Children in the Hospitals

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It’s generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be in a hospital, but it’s especially tough on kids. Though doctors, nurses, family and friends make long stays more bearable, there is still much time where pediatric patients can feel lonely, bored and scared. During the hospital stays and/or visits, children and their families experience unusual amounts of stress, … Read More

Holi celebration with Children suffering from Cancer

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While the whole nation was busy in celebrating festival of colours, It was another dull and difficult day for the children suffering from Cancer at AIIMS. The fight against cancer is arduous, painful and depressing. The need is to nourish Cancer Affected children, emotionally through love and nurturance. Uday foundation decided to fill lives of these wonder children with colours, … Read More